Evolution Sofa Sandstorm by Ambient Lounge. From £9-20 per day.
Butterfly Sofa Silverline by Ambient Lounge. From £9-20 per day.
Versa Table Titanium Weave by Ambient Lounge. From £9-20 per day.
Twin Couch Silverline by Ambient Lounge. From £9-20 per day.

Event: Dog Lovers Show 2022 (Australia)

Venue: Melbourne Exhibition Center

Event highlights:

Our Australian team has spent the weekend with an incredible event at the Australian Dog Lovers Show.

The event was held at the Melbourne Exhibition Center from 15th October to 16th October 2022.

Ambient Lounge provided seating for clients and visitors as well as dog beds for dog participants.

Dogs had the chance to lie down and relax with Ambient Lounge pet beds after flashing their awesome talents. Even tried the newly launched dog bowls by ambient lounge! (How lucky, don’t you think?).

The kids had their own zone too! Designed with soft ambient lounge bean bags… Kids and Kids at heart enjoyed face painting while sitting at one of our famous Butterfly Sofas.

The event was very successful! Indeed!

Products in this photo:
  1. Butterfly Sofa Silverline –  From £9-20 per day
  2. Versa Table Titanium Weave – From £9-20 per day
  3. Twin Couch in Silverline