Evolution Sofa Sandstorm by Ambient Lounge. From £9-20 per day.

Event: Samikata Events – Australia 2022

Event highlights:

Samikata Event has organised a beauiful cozy event with live band guests for corporate celebration.

The event was held at the Byron Bay event place. The venue was designed with tents and a gorgeous bean bags from bean bag hire Australia. Added these cosy vibrant pillows that creates aesthetic colourful vibe on the place.

This amazing event was organised by the Samikata Events. With the participation of @byronbayeventphotography for the wonderful shots and these gorgeous Tents from @sperrytentsaustralia.

Absolutely all guests had an amazing day. PERFECT VENUE FOR A PERFECT OCCASION!

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  1. Evolution Sofa Sandstorm-  From £9-20 per day