grey waterproof twin seater bean bag for events

Satellite Twin Sofa

$13 – 29 per day


The Ambient Lounge Satellite Twin Sofa is a fully quilted double bean bag that sits two (or sometimes more) people; or is super luxurious surround-seating for one person.

Great for any contemporary indoor or outdoor space, the Satellite Twin Sofa is fully waterproof and an uber-sized cloud of comfiness and support.

You can sit on these bean bags a variety of ways. Sit upright with head support or sprawl out with full body ‘weightlessness’.

Hire these seats for a higher level function when you just have to impress. The event feedback you will get from your guests will be glowing.

Learn more about the Twin Satellite Sofa features at the Ambient Lounge website


Fabric: Oceana
Available in Sydney

Fabric: Silverline
Available in Brisbane

Waterproof, UV resistant and rowdy crowd proof

Indoors or out, rain hail or shine our bean bags can take it.
Ambient Lounge® outdoor bean bags with elastics and structure.

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Satellite Twin Sofa in action

See how the Satellite Twin Sofa can liven up your event.