Slackerlife One Piece and bean bags for a chill out summer
Studio Lounger by Ambient Lounge. From $14 per day.
Ottoman by Ambient Lounge. From $11 per day.
#SLACKERLIFE photoshoot and afterparty event by OnePiece

Onepiece is a cutting edge fashion brand from Norway carving up a fashion niche with their casual chic style of clothing.

The synergies with ambient lounge bean bag hire were perfect for their planned Australian photoshoot with #slackerlife van and their co-sponsored Vans bowl-a-rama afterparty at Sydney’s Bondi beach.

Result: Happy campers. Both the photos and the Vans afterparty vibes were amazing and perfect casual and stylish brand match.

Products in photo

1 Studio Lounger

2 Ottoman

Wow.. Vans bowl-a-rama on Bondai beach was a blast. Thanks so much again! The Ambient Lounge beanbags were amazing for our VIP's, the skies were blue and the whole day was totally sick! Ambient Lounge is killing it at OnePiece. We love you guys

Caroline MarshallOne Piece